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English for Life in the UK - Interview with an Artist: Kate Lycett

22 MAY 2022

We interview Kate about her work as a visual artist, how she goes about creating a painting, her influences and why art is important.


Job Vacancy: Communications Assistant

16 MAY 2022

St Augustine’s Centre is looking for a Communications Assistant, 15 hours per week The Communications Assistant will work closely …


English for Life in the UK - Farming and Cheese-Making in a Yorkshire Town

13 MAY 2022

We interview a dairy farmer and cheese maker about the history and process of milk and cheese making. We discuss the idea of organic farming and the …


Update: Homes for Ukraine, Nationality & Borders Bill and Rwanda

04 MAY 2022 | Sara Robinson, Director

It’s been a confusing few months. Whilst we’ve seen a heartwarmingly large number of people ready to open their homes to people fleei…


English for Life in the UK - Access to Healthcare in England

13 APR 2022

A discussion with a doctor (general practitioner) and a community pharmacist about how individuals can access primary healthcare services in England


English for Life in the UK: Football Interviews

04 APR 2022

We interview 2 teenage girls about playing football and an older man about playing and watching the game. In the language support section we talk abo…