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English for Life in the UK - How to Learn a Language

18 NOV 2021

We discuss our personal experiences of what works in learning a language, some of the research on language acquisition, how many people listen to the…

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Borders Bill Update

07 OCT 2021

We need your help! It takes a community to take action against the Nationality and Borders Bill The government is planning to introduce new rules …


The Afghan Crisis: How You Can Help

23 AUG 2021

We have been overwhelmed with offers of help and wanted to provide a bit more information about how you can make a difference directly to Afghan refu…


English for Life in the UK - Theatre in the UK - Northern Broadsides

01 AUG 2021

We interview the Artistic Director of a national touring theatre company about what they do and how they work. We also talk about theatre in the West…

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English for Life in the UK - Regional Accents and Dialects in the UK

29 JUL 2021

We discuss and illustrate a number of the regional variations in how English is spoken in different parts of the U.K. including Yorkshire, Lancashire…

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Healthy Holidays - Summer 2021

28 JUL 2021

Healthy Holidays ClubWith St Augustine’s Centre and Together We GrowA free summer programme for children aged 5 – 16 from families who are seeking as…