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Christmas Appeal 2023

People seeking sanctuary in Calderdale need your help this winter.

This year we have been reminded how people's lives can be turned upside down overnight, forcing them to flee their homes in search of safety. The cost of living crisis and the hostile environment have only compounded fear and anxiety for people fleeing war and persecution. We want to ensure that the individuals and families we support don't have to face an isolated and bleak Christmas, and you can help make that a reality.

Show refugees and people seeking aslyum in Calderdale that you care - read below to find out how you can help.

Christmas presents in a stack

Donating and supporting our Centre Members this Christmas:

Right now, the cost of living crisis is making it harder for people and communities to keep up with rising costs. So we need your help this holiday season. Our Christmas appeal is underway and we are requesting the following items for our centre members

  • Good quality backpacks
  • Sturdy all-weather adult umbrellas
  • Hot water bottles
  • £10 gift vouchers from One4All

Our donation collection is open from the 27th November to 5th December. Please drop off your donated items at our main centre building and you will be welcomed with a warm smile and immense gratitude.

If you need any help, or have any questions, please contact our Chief Elf Elsa

Other ways to fundraise this Christmas:

  • Our close friend Janet is doing a fundraising walk to raise money for St Augustine's and Aviva will match anything up to £1,000 (so there's a potential for £2,000 to be raised!). Support Janet and donate by clicking the walking link below


  • Shop with EasyFundraising when you do your Christmas shopping. Over 7,000 brands will donate to us at no extra cost to you - so you can raise donations when you buy gifts, decorations, your festive food shopping or anything else! 

    Please sign up and help us raise more here.

  • Become a Regular Giver and help us plan for the future. A regular gift allows us to know, day in and day out, that we will have a steady income stream that we can rely upon. Every little bit helps! You can sign up here.

Our Christmas gift appeal:

We will be giving a new gift to every single Centre Member this year because we believe everyone should experience joy and belonging at Christmas. Rather than buying a different gift to donate, we encourage you to give to the Christmas appeal above. That way, your funds will go even further!

However, we are looking for bulk gifts from larger businesses or organisations that would like to hold a gift drive. If that sounds right to you, please contact our Chief Elf Elsa who can provide more information about the gifts we need most right now.

We also need lots of volunteers to help wrap the gifts. If you've got a couple of hours to spare, get in touch with Rabia.

Christmas Appeal 2023