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How your donations help us...

two 'English Language for Beginner's' books
the ingredients for 50 nutritious meals
Welfare support for around 7 people. £100 covers the costs of a day of a support team staff member.
10 drop in creative sessions, led by an artist.

Latest News & Blogs

English for Life in the UK - The school system in the UK

08 AUG 2022

How schools are organised in England. 3 people discuss their own experiences of teaching and of the school system.

English for Life in the UK - Co-operatives in the UK

27 JUN 2022

What is a co-operative? The history of co-ops in the U.K. Interviews with 2 co-operatives - Suma Wholefoods and Valley Organics. Including how they o…

Volunteer Spotlight: Lucy Lee

10 JUN 2022

As part of Volunteers Week 2022, we met up with some of our volunteers to hear about their experiences at St. Augustine's Centre.  Lucy L…

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