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English for Life in the UK - Regional Accents and Dialects in the UK

29 JUL 2021

We discuss and illustrate a number of the regional variations in how English is spoken in different parts of the U.K. including Yorkshire, Lancashire…

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Healthy Holidays - Summer 2021

28 JUL 2021

Healthy Holidays ClubWith St Augustine’s Centre and Together We GrowA free summer programme for children aged 5 – 16 from families who are seeking as…


The Nationality and Borders Bill: The UK's Commitment to Refugees is Under Threat

23 JUL 2021

Following the proposals set out in the government’s New Plan for Immigration, published back in March alongside the consultation that we (and you as …


Walk and Talk with St. Augustine's

22 JUL 2021

St Augustine's Centre is a charity that offers a warm welcome and safe space to people seeking support and sanctuary here in Calderdale; together we …


English for Life in the UK - Soap Operas in the UK

12 JUL 2021

A soap opera is a tv or radio drama. We interview one of the writers and ask her to explain what is a ‘soap’, talk about some of the most popular soa…

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English for Life in the UK - Seeking Asylum in the UK, Part 2

24 JUN 2021

The history and work of our independent charity which specialises in support for asylum seekers and refugees. We hear the voices of some of our asylu…

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